SSUAV Cronulla


The Cronulla is based on the Hugin II 2.6m airframe. Built and super-charged by Aaron Murray. It is the first SSUAV aircraft to sport the pink colour scheme in support of our Breast Cancer Charity The McGrath Foundation. The Cronulla is kevlar reinforced, equipped with 2x 3DRobotics APM2.6 Autopilots, 3x GPS, RCGF40cc Twin cylinder engine & 2.5Ltr fuel tank, Velocity Micro Edge Mini Intel iCore 3 imaging Computer, 900Mhz & 5,8Ghz tx/rx’s.

The Cronulla is fully OBC2014 compliant and is capable of auto takeoff and landing, cruising at speeds over 120km/h for over an hour, autonomously locating Outback Joe and deploying 500mls of water.

“It is one awesome piece of machinery!”